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I’ve worked in web development since 2008 and have a Bachelor of Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology. Since 2013 I’ve worked as a freelancer, mostly supporting clients whom I’d helped build custom projects as part of a web development company.¬†Although I spend allot of my time coding bespoke websites I’m always happy to leverage the power of existing CMS application, like WordPress, to help bring my client’s a more solutions to life.

In my free time I enjoy learning new frameworks, languages and techniques. At the moment I’m exploring node.js, angular 2 and leveraging the power of npm to streamline my development process. When I’m not in front of a computer I enjoy bush walking and spending time with family and friends, especially my two kids!

Recent Work

From custom built business web interfaces to bespoke eccomerce solutions to simple WordPress themes I’ve

acquired the knowledge to help you bring your ideas to fruition.

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